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If you install a poor-quality guttering system, it can cost you a lot of money in the long run to repair along with unnecessary stress and mess around your property. Guttering systems need to be shaped correctly and installed with precision to transfer the water away from your property. At Guttercare, we pride ourselves on fitting installations whether it’s your home or business. We want to protect you from severe water damage which would ruin family essentials and memories.

With over 40 years of experience and expertise, with the best engineers at our company in Penwortham, we provide services to protect homes from damage which is preventable. Whether you have recurring gutter problems that have got progressively worse or an installation has been faulty, we’re on hand to offer hard-wearing systems to fit your property requirements. We also provide cleaning and repair services for your guttering.

Why is Guttering Installation in Penwortham So Important?

If you don’t have protective guttering, water will affect your system by directly running down on multiple sides of your property. In the long-term and sometimes in the short term, this can have a lasting damage on your exterior walls, which may need financial investment in the future to fix. As this sort of problem builds up, it can eventually lead to larger problems such as mould growth and damp starting to spread on your walls and in your house.

It’s important to have a solid guttering installation in place all year round as we never know just what torrential conditions we may encounter. Our systems work to gather rainwater and push it away from your home. Once the rainwater has been distributed away, it will no longer affect your property in negative ways.

We Offer A Diverse Range of Guttering Systems For Properties in Penwortham

Here at Guttercare, we have multiple years of expertise and trained professionals for your installations and repairs in Penwortham. Our team are on hand to advise you on the best service we offer that will meet your guttering installation need. There are many factors that we will take into consideration when offering our advice and services such as:

  • Size of your Rooftop
  • Building Shape
  • Is it Domestic or Commercial?
  • External Factors (Hazards)


Whether you need a completely new installation or work on a current system in place to see if there any alterations we can make to make it more of a hard-wearing solution, we’re on hand to deliver a professional and smooth service that you will be fully satisfied with.

A Few Guttering Solutions We Provide for you in Penwortham are:

  • Cast Iron Guttering
  • Concrete Guttering
  • Guttering – Aluminium
  • Guttering – Seamless Aluminium
  • Valley Guttering
  • Eaves Guttering
  • Cleaning and Repairs

Each of these services are designed and provided to give you great benefit when it comes to your guttering services we provide. Some may be more ideal for your property and our professionals are on hand to give you their high-quality advice on everything you need to know.

Sectional and Seamless Aluminium Guttering

Aluminium systems consist of a hard-wearing form of guttering which are known to our customers as a highly dependable service that is durable and long-lasting. Moreover, these types of system are resistant to being damaged and can distribute high masses of water without sustaining any further issues. Modern alternatives are also available with both the sectional and seamless options.

Our Seamless guttering systems are manufactured from a singular piece of aluminium. These are sealed off to ensure that the chances of connections along the seal won’t be broken and no water can invade the area. However, the only issue is if there is some extent of damage then it’s highly likely that a whole new system would have to be installed.

Sectional aluminium guttering comes in the aesthetics of a more traditional design that you would see on many homes and business’ still to this day. Just like Seamless guttering type of installation, the system is all sealed off but with a slightly higher chance of damage. If separate and isolated pieces become damaged, however, you can replace them without replacing the whole system.

Valley Gutters

Valley gutters are known as a guttering system that fills up both sides of your rooftop. The great benefit with this type of guttering system is that it can cover the surface area of multiple different sides of your property at the same time, filtering away masses of water efficiently. As this type of guttering system uses two gutters that are isolated, it’s unlikely that damage or repair will happen simultaneously.

Eaves Guttering in Penwortham

These types of systems that we install in Penwortham are integrated underneath rooftops. They’re a common option to choose for homes or business’ that are of a smaller size. Eaves guttering looks aesthetically pleasing on the eye and may suit newer buildings where appearance is as important as functionality.

Cast Iron Guttering

Cast Iron guttering is one of the most common types of gutting for normal and traditional buildings across Penwortham and the surrounding areas. A lot of our customer we work with have this type of system in place and have had their current system for long duration of time. Therefore, we can offer a like-for-like swap to upgrade your system to a new and full operating.

Looking for High-Quality Guttering Installation in Penwortham? Call Us Today

Whatever your type of property, we offer fully comprehensive and thorough installations for your home or business to protect your home comforts from water damage that can be prevented with professional integrations.

If you require more information or need any more questions answering, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01772 830644. Our customer care team will look after you and advise you about the next steps to get your gutter problems solved in quickest and more efficient way possible.


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